Marlin Capital Solutions

Marlin Capital Soluctions, formally known as Marlin Finance, is a nationwide provider of capital solutions to small businesses with a mission of helping small businesses fulfill their American dream.

Marlin Capital Solutions

2014 - 2019

UI/UX Design
Web Design & development
Email Campaign Development

clean, minimalist Design

While working at Marlin, I was responsible for a variety of tasks including but not limited to website design and development, UX research and design, email marketing, design and development, and graphic design.

Website Redesign

I was given the task of completely redesigning the company's main website. A key priority with this project was to create a sense of calm and trust visually. We also wanted to ensure that users could easily navigate and move through the site without any confusion. This project was designed to be mobile friendly as well.

MarlinNet - Web App Design

An exclusive partner portal to help their clients manage application pipeline & customer portfolio.

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